Fridays still on WRCT-FM 88.3 (streaming at

Zombo in Your Brain! ... Now it's 4 freakin' hours long from Noon- 4PM est.

And Listen to Classic Zombo's Mondo Record Party on Shortwave Radio on WBCQ.

Visit their website at for listings.

After 2 decades on the radio, it still is a blastaroonie!


available on my buy stuff page!

Way cool Re-Animator Green on a Black T.

Super artwork by El Gato Gomez.

Only $10 on my buy stuff page. Sizes S/M/L/XL/2X



IT"S ALIVE! Zombo's Brain- A external hard drive chocked full of more than 1,500 hours of Zombo Shows from the 1990's to now! Price $250. It's on a 100GB drive.

HOW DO I BUY IT? Paypal $250 plus $10 shipping and handling to my paypal account - Put "Zombo's Brain" and your contact an Delivery info in the message area.

Drop me an email and get this FREE way cool bumper sticker and some cool Zombo Pins!


And Coming sooner or later

TWO MORE New Zombo in your Brain Tshirts!

The first one is from..WAYNO!



And this sexy number is from the wild world of Eric Luden!












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