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New Name...same insanity!

After almost 2 decades on the radio, it still is a blastaroonie!


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Hope you enjoyed my 13 week series, "104 Bands that Matter". Each week I highlighted 8 bands in 30 minute blocks! All on the Zombo in Your Brain show on WRCT-FM from Noon-4pm on Fridays. Ended May 31st and it was a it's back to pure radio mayhem!

Feb 22nd- Frank Zappa, The Monks, The Kinks, Felt, Kraftwerk, Screaming Blue Messiahs, Slim Galliard, Teddybears (Stockholm)

March 8st- Slim Cessna, Iggy Pop, Quintron, The Clash, Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited, David Byrne, Bo Diddley, Stereo Total.

March 15th- Louie Jordan, Capt. Beefheart, Cabaret Voltaire, The Yardbirds, Wanda Jackson, David Bowie, Devo, Stereolab.

March 22nd- B52, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Link Wray, The Residents, Cream, Benny Joy, Gentle Giant, James Brown

March 29th - XTC, John Lee Hooker, Morphine, King Crimson, Early Pink Floyd, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, Hank Ballard

April 5th - The Velvet Underground, Van Der Graaf Generator, Flat Duo Jets, The Specials, Hazil Adkins, The Rutles, Serge Gainsbourg/Bridget Bardot, Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sintatra

April 12 - Desmond Dekker, Cocteau Twins, The Smiths, The Canadian Sweethearts, Pere Ubu, Bill Haley, Lonnie Donnegan, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

April 19th - The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Man or AstroMan, Sparks, Wall of Voodoo, Os Mutantes, The Fall, The Seeds, The Sonics

April 26th - The Cramps, Messer Chups, Deadbolt, Billy Childish, Black Uhuru, English Beat, Joy Division, The Clovers

May 10th- The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Tipsy, SCOTS, Soft Machine, The Montessas, Snakefinger, Love, Calvin Johnson

May 17th - Fred Frith, Wynonnie Harris, Gang of Four, Deke Dickerson, Homer and Jethro, Johnny Dowd, Impala, Jethro Tull

May 24th - Girl Trouble, Bonzo Dog Band, Tom Waits, Brian Eno, John Barry,The Fathoms, Perez Prado, Esquivel

May 31st - The Colorblind James Experience, Raymond Scott, Satan's Pilgrims, 5678's ,Andre Williams, Sam the Sham, The Blacks, Marti Brom


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