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•Triple Creature Feature
3 Monster Party Albums on 1 CD!
Triple Creature Feature  Monster Party Album!
Album 1: King Dapper Combo's "Graveyard Rock"
"You'll Really Dig This One!"

Album 2: Haunted Guitars
Beach Party Mayhem featuring The Surfaholics!

Album 3: Big Monster Bash 
"All Killer, No Filler!!!"

The Hillbilly Varmits
"Get A Load of The 
Hillbilly Varmints"
with Special Guests
The Hale Hogs

Not your typical trailer trash music. The Hillbilly Varmints are an all out assault of "hick-rock". 32 songs, 3 chords,a bunch of homemade instruments (featuring the "Varmintar") and loads of laffs. One glance at the titles says it all! "...

Songs include: Outhouse Run#1, Hey Cousin Easy, Pull My Finger, Stealin' From Work, Hot Dogs Make Me Mad, Butt Crack Rock, Let's Interbreed, Aunt Martha's Spread, Whup the Baby, Outhouse Run #2

•Orgy of the Dead

•1950's Weird Horror trailers

•Sleazy B-Movie Trailers

•1940 Raunch Party (with Sally Rand)


•Betty Page Film loops

•Betty in Bondage

Zombo Novelties...
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CD's ($10 each with $2 postage per order)

• King Dapper Combo Discography...the best party band in NE Ohio!

Real Rare Rockabilly
volumes 1-10..And we mean RARE!

•Ranch Party transcripts Volumes 1-5

•Betty Page Dance Party

•VipVop Party (2 volumes... sick and wild)

•I'd Rather dance than fuck (old jukebox records...
2 volumes)

•Elvis's Greatest Shit

Zombo has wild videos that you won't find anywhere else , and at $10 each (plus $2 shipping per order) for collectors only..

•The Hasil Adkins Story (a sick and twisted saga)

•Apollo Music Festival (1940's,
 2 full volumes)

•Jane Mansfield

•Neat 1950-60's toy commercials

Rockabilly, Swing, Western, Sleaze, trailers and commercial Videos 

•The 1958 TV music show "Ranch Party" (features Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, etc)
3 full volumes 
(90mins each)

•Cowboy Madness (singing cowboys and hillbilly novelty soundies..1940's)

•Yodel Madness (second Volume)

•Desperate 1940's novelty bands (Soundies -a soundie is a short musical film)

•Latin Soundies (2 volumes)

•Bob Wills Soundies

•Roy Acuff in Sing Neighbor Sing

•Swingin in the Saddle

•The Ventures live in Japan 1965

•Best of the grand ole opry

•The Rockabilly classic film "The Loveless"

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Pittsburgh, Pa 15224 
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