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DAPPERBEAT November 2007

The Band that would Be King...



Wow! We got through another year at Cedar Point Amusement Park's Halloweekend festivities. Seven weeks this year.. That make nearly 60 times we played Monster Mash! Yike. Loads of fun, Lots of Monsters and incredible weather made it amazing. Zombo not only DJ'ed over the Haunted Arcade, but also was the announcer for The Midway Monster Invasion Celebration Parade that was totally a jaw dropping specticle that ran through the whole park. Check out all the new videos of us on youtube. And our Cleveland Fox 8 TV appearance was another gasser. Be back next year!

KDC is now in the movies. We provided quite a bit of soundtrack music to the incredibly cool film, AMERICAN SCARY. It’s a documentary on the history of Horror Movie hosts, it’s a real gas seeing such luminaries as Ghoulardi and Zacherly and hearing our tunes in the background!

Dapper will also be featured in the huge arts and music festival at The Canton Centre for the Art’s “Art is Alive” Festival in April 2007. They asked Zombo to recreate his “Popcult” underground art and music festivals that he did in the early 1990’s, in his humble hometown.
And Don’t forget to pick up our latest CD Monster-ific.

FALL 2006
Watch for the King Dapper Live Tour in Sept/Oct 2006 in Ohio! Cedar Point's Halloweekends, Lime Spider, Fox 8's Morning show, and more TBA!

And.., KDC is starting work on our 3rd CD Release of the year.
“Oh No, Woohoo” a collection of our past studio tracks and rare
early live recordings.

Hear King Dapper before they discovered
their acclaimed “Monster-billy” sound.

You have to check out our new over the top website, www.kingdappercombo.com
Gonga and Bodini have really outdone themselves this time. You will find tons of music, videos, pictures, stories and the general wackiness you have come to expect from us Dappers. There is also an accompaning myspace.com/kingdappercombo band page as well.

We are gearing up for yet another season at Cedar Point’s 2006 Halloweekends this Fall, as well as the usual TV8 appearance and our Lime Spider extravaganzas.

There’s a whole lotta dapper going on these days. We will be releasing 5 professionally pressed CDs this year.

First is digging up and dusting off “GRAVEYARD ROCK” originally recorded in 1999 and it features a studio mini album and one of the wildest live shows ever.. Live at Kent State’s Robin Hood for a WAPS radio night out concert.

Then we have for you “MONSTERIFIC”, A new studio album chocked full of new cool ghoul tunes and plenty of surprise extras. And it looks really neat too!.

And get this.. Zombo is releasing “OH NO, WOOHOO...It’s the King Dapper Combo” The Dapper early years. This CD will compile many of the nutty numbers we performed on our numerous cassette releases from 1991 to around 1994....... And PARTY AT CAVANAUGH'S a nutty old live CD featuring some of our damn wild antics from the early 90's ...maybe a DVD, too

Lots of naive fun..but no monsters!


Spring 2005 Dapper Beat!

Well, Howdy from Zombo. Dapper is gearing up for the Halloween 2005 season already. Our 6th year at Cedar Point has been confirmed. We will be playing each Friday and Saturday Night on our own huge outdoor stage-mobile. And with that comes our 6th year on Cleveland Channel 8's morning show then our lunch party at the Lime Spider..And we will have an amazing past dapper join us this time. Can you believe the mighty GONGA has returned from the deepest jungles of Illinois to rock out with us.

And..who woulda thunk it, but big news in the CD department. We now have several hundred copies of our classic "Rocking Halloween" back in stock. Yeah

And.. it's looks like Nervous Records in England will be releasing our next CD. This is going to be so cool..King Dapper still rocking the graveyard after 13 years!



A Quick Word For 2004!

Sept/Oct 2004-Friday & Saturday nights at the Cedar Point Halloweekends!

Dec 27th, 2003-Rockabilly Holiday in Cleveland!

April 2 and 3-Frightvision 2004 performances!

April 9th (Friday) King Dapper At the Lime Spider in Akron , Ohio....as part of the "Zombo's Surf Madness Show" with the Amazing "SPY-FI" and Pittsburgh's Surf Kings "The HI-FREQUENCIES" show at 9pm

April 10th- King Dapper with Mistle Toe and The Hillbilly Varmints at The Luna Grille in Downtown Canton, Ohio. Show at 10pm.



SHOWS AND BIG EVENT STUFF THROUGHOUT THE SEASON (see calendar of events link on home page)


FRIGHTVISION IN UNDER ZOMBO CONTROL. Cleveland's amazing full blown monster and sci-fi convention that features superstars of the genre has allowed Z to do his thing for the weekend events. (the first weekend in April 2004) GET THIS:He is bringing in not only King Dapper, but also, 5 other monster-ific bands from around the country! See "13 Ghosts", Gein and the Graverobbers, "The Phantom Creeps", "The Surfing Skulls, The Legion of Incredibly Strange Superheroes", "The Ubangis", "The Coffin Bangers" See the Frightvision site for the whole schmeer!


A really cool interview/article was done on the Daps with neat-o new photos at Cedar Point (in full garb) and some nightclub photos,too . Check www.uttertrash.net and click on the interview section then the link to the article. Old local monster bands never die, they just smell that way!


King Dapper Combo -
a super neat junkabilly band that makes one think these folks are the "Happy Cramps". real wild geetars! real harmonies! real crazy tunes! and a real accordion! real cool! Buy the complete set here....

MONSTER-IFIC! It's the 2003 King Dapper release. Yes the band that wouldn't die finally has a new 12 song cd. It's on the paypal "buy stuff" link and man is it hot! Easily the best yet!

GRAVEYARD ROCK- LIVE! Recorded live in 2001. The guys and Ghoulisicos never sounded better! Five unreleased studio tunes from 2000 and 15 solid live rave ups. Not on the pay pal site yet, but if you want to pre-order. Send $10 (postage paid) to Zomboco at:

PO BOX 90057 PGH, PA 15224

new song, released on 91.3 The Summit's latest compilation CD

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