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November 2007!

The Zombo Mulitplex is here! We are putting the final touches on our building. You have to visit ..it's at 4900 Hatfield St. in Pittsburgh. It's right in the up and happening area of Lawrenceville (less than 10 minutes from Downtown). Not only do we live in this sweet turn of the century building, but it features a full screenprinting shop, my DJ /promotions office, Julie's massage therapy studio and best of all ...the Zombo Gallery. Our gallery is the area's only hip lowbrow art gallery. Kind of like Juxtapoz magazine. Past shows have includes such lumniaries like Wayno. We currently have the mind wrenching work of none other than Chicago's Mitch O'Connell on display. The Show will run until Dec 1. The Zombo Gallery is also on the Pittsburgh Cookie Tour from Nov 29th till Dec 2nd. Check it out,

Corey LeChat's brillant kitsch photography opens on Dec. 8th at 6pm.

Gallery hours are Fridays 5pm-7:30pm or by appointment.

See www.myspace.com/rockabillycircus for the gallery myspace!



January 2007!

'Tis the year of Zombo! I have some plans for 2007 that have me up nights with excitement, although I can’t quite give you any hints or specifics of these large (and I do mean large!) scale plans, I should know by early spring..But if that wasn’t enough.. here’s some kickass news I can tell. I am now the Booking and Event promoter of “Hodrod-A-Rama”, The Pacific Northwest largest and coolest Vintage Car and Roots Rock festival. It takes place in Early August. I have a myspace with all the gory details.
There’s a new band, The Astrolauts www.myspace.com/astrolauts. This band squeezes the grease from Rockabilly, The Grit for Garage, The Sweat from R and B and throws it into a Dark Surf Rock. Watch for upcoming shows and CD. Zombo and Juile rock with Neo from the Verbtones, Nadine from Malibu Run and Shane from The Splashdowns. Too cool..Z is also playing with Portland's Mars Needs Women!
Z will be hosting and booking the “Art is Alive” music and art festival in his humble old hometown of Canton, Ohio in April. The Canton Centre for the Arts (part of their Civic Arena) asked him to sort of re-create his wild 1990’s underground art/music festivals (PopCult) for reasons that are still baffling. King Dapper played their first shows there and will of course, have at it once again.

JULY 2006! www.myspace.com/rockabilly_circus is the official information site for this amazing event...

The Rumble! is Zombo's latest Bigtime Festival !

Friday August 11th, 2006 at 8pm
* Venue: Outlaws Nightclub
* 722 East Burnside St.
* Portland, OR.
* 503.233.7815
* www.outlawsbar.com
* Doors At 7:30pm +21 Admission $10
* 8:30pm: The Juke Joint Gamblers
* 9:30pm: Mars Needs Women
* 10:30pm: Lisa and Her Kin
* 11:30pm: The Dirty Birds
* 12:30:The Teenage Harlets
* DJ Meagan from KPSU spinning throughout the night!
* The Girls From S.I.N.N Go Go Dancers throughout the night!
* advance tickets at www.ticketwest.com

* Saturday Night, August 12th, 2006 at 8pm
* Venue: Outlaws Bar Nightclub
* 722 East Burnside St.
* Portland, OR
* 503.233.7855
* Doors at 7:30 +21 Admission $10
* 8:15pm: Hot Rod Carl
* 9:00pm: Guau Guau
* 9:30pm : The 'Verb
* 10:30pm: The Glitzkreig Burlesque Troupe
* 11:00pm: The Scuzztones
* Midnight: The Mercury Four
* DJ DrewGroove spinning throughout the night!
* The Girls From S.I.N.N Go Go Dancers throughout the night!

All the Bands Websites
* Juke Joint Gamblers is at www.thejukejointgamblers.com
* Mars Needs Women is www.myspace.com/marsneedswomenmusic
* Lisa and Her Kin are at www.lisaandherkin.com
* The Dirty Birds are at www.dirtybirdsmusic.com
* Teenage Harlets are at www.teenageharlets.com
* Hot Rod Carl are at www.myspace.com/hotrodcarl
* Guau Guau is at www.myspace.com/guauguauguau
* The 'Verb is at http://www.freewebs.com/theverb
* The Scuzztones are www.myspace.com/thescuzztones
* The Mercury Four are www.myspace.com/themercuryfour
* DJ Zombo is at www.myspace.com/djzombo
* DJ Meagan at www.myspace.com/songsthelordtaughtus
* DJ DrewGroove at www.myspace.com/drewgroove

August 11th and 12th at Outlaws will be only $10 per night.
Vendor Tables available for only $10 per night.
Come to Portland for the Weekender that is The Rockabilly, Garage, Surf Music Festival. And it will be hosted and DJ'ed by that Wacky Madman, Zombo and the astounding DJ's Meagan (KPSU) and DrewGroove!



THE ROCKABILLY CIRCUS.. WAS amazing! It's a three day Rockabilly/Surf event in San Francisco happening June 16, 17 and 18th, 2006 at Thee Parkside, The Bottom of the Hill, The Knockout and Hotel Utah. We have put together a great weekender filled with over a dozen fine acts. Feature performers include: Rudy Tutti Grayzell, Johnny Dilks, Johnny Mercury, 1/4 Mile Combo, Moonlight Cruisers, The Stoodups (yep my band!), The Neptunas, Charlie Roman, The Diminished Men, and the astounding Pollo Del Mar. And more bands listed below.. Plus a monsterous car show at Thee Parkside Saturday the 17th afternoon, a full Burlesque show and plenty of DJ's and Cool Vendors.

And more bands as they confirm. Since this is our first year, the admission to the show will be super affordable.. All tickets will be available at all the Venues..Here's the detailed lineup. Friday,Saturday and Sunday showtimes 8pm. 7pm Door.

Friday, June 16, 2006 at Thee Parkside, San Francisco- $10
Opening the Show..

A Full Burlesque Revue from "Ooh La L.A."

Charlie Roman
The Moonlight Cruisers
Johnny Dilks

Saturday, June 17, 2006 at The Bottom of The Hill, San Francisco-$12
The 1/4 Mile Combo
The Stood Ups
Johnny Mercury
Rudy "Tutti" Grayzell

Sunday, June 18th at Noon at Hotel Utah, San Francisco- $10
All Surf Sunday with...
The Neptunas
The Diminished Men
Pollo Del Mar

And of course, DJ's Nate, Zombo with Special Guests and Surprises!

Plus some "Low Dough" Shows.

Hot Dogs and Hot Rods Car Show
At Thee Parkside at Noon
with Moonshine, The Juke Joint Gamblers and Guest DJs- $7

Zombo's Scoptione Party - FREE!


All Star Rockabilly Jam Session with Chico CA's Moonshine (and Guest DJs) at THE KNOCKOUT CLUB -$7

February 2006

CHECK OUT MY NEW ANTICS AT..................................... my space site at www.myspace.com/djzombo


Winter 2005

Off to Portland
It’s certainly is hard to believe that we are winding down our 2 year stint in El Paso, Texas.
It has been a lot of fun and a lot of sun. This section of the news is a recap of the last few months .
My Halloween tour went off without a hitch. I had plenty of DJ gigs, King Dapper Shows, Hot Rod Events, and sweet surprises to last a little while. Of course, I am already planning my 2006 Halloween tour of the Midwest. See you there!
The Psychotronics have been busy bees. We have had a avalanche of shows recently and managed to record a CD that should be out after the first of the year. Our wicked garage/trash sound has really taken off down here, but it’s time to move on. My tenor sax work with Wolf Call, The low-rider oldies band is even harder to leave. Being the token white in the band, I felt kinda special. Surrounded by the passion for music of these guys have really left a mark on me. It’s too bad I didn’t record with them.
Mano Sol/Zombo will be doing one last collaboration. We will be recording a CD of one of our performances. The techno/lounge/beat music of this outfit was unlike anything else I have done. I played theremin and effected upright bass along with dense, hip and fast changing tracks from Mano Sol. It was sort of like planned improvisation. Tony is a total musical genius and damn humble about as well.
So, we leave El Paso and many true friends and head off to hipster central.
I will most likely see many of my El Paso pals in Las Vegas, where I will be once again a featured DJ at Viva Las Vegas 9! Check www.vivalasvegas.net for a full show schedule.


August 2005

The Summer and Fall Tour

Wow, Time really flys, it's that time again for Zombo to hit the road for his 12 week tour! Check the calender for specific times and dates...But in a nutshell, here's whats up:

August 5th & 6th-Zombo hosts and Dj's Hotrod A-Rama in Tacoma, WA.

August 7th-Zombo's BBQ with Deadbolt in Olympia, WA.

August 19th/20th-Zombo spins,hosts and plays with Pgh's garage gurus "Teen Riot" at the HULA HOTROD HOP IN COLUMBUS, OHIO!

Thrusdays from August 25th till October 28th- Zombo returns to Kelly's Bar in Pittsburgh to do his DJ thingy.

King Dapper Welcome Back Party at the Lime Spider on Sept 18th featuring Gonga!

King Dapper and DJ Zombo in for another year of Cedar Point's Halloweekends from Sept 25th till Oct 30th!!!!

Zombo running his Screen Printing Company at 3828 Cleveland Ave. in Canton Mondays-Thursdays 10-5pm (with Tshirt Party Nights on Weds at 8pm!)

More Cool Events Coming



April 2005

The Dawn of The Hot City Sinners!

Here's coolest thing. Julie and Z have began a duet. Jules on Upright Bass And Zombo on various Ukeleles and Guitars n' Singin. Digging up their favorites 1930's Dirty Blues and 1940's Honky Tonk tunes as well as some tasty originals and nutty comedic hi-jinx. They are destined to undermine the Coffeehouse and Club circut with some risque rythmns. They debut April 23rd at Cafe Latte in El Paso, but plan on renting instruments in Europe and gigging anywhere they can. Watch for some free MP3's and photos on this site sooner or later! This is going to be just what the doctor ordered for a gloomy world.

March 2004

El Paso Texas is where Z (and the gorgeous Mrs. Z) are kicking up some dust now. Djing, Writing, Playing, Sleeping, Arting, Singing, Smiling and a lot of other cool business. Pittsburgh was a treasure, Seattle was darn swell, but even after 2 months, we really feel at home here. Rather than repeat the same news that is throughout this site, I will keep the old updates here and before you know it... it will be filled with new zomboness!


Well let's start with the world of radio.

Syndicated shows in Various slots at WBCQ, WRCT Pittnetradio, KAOS andWAPS! Check their listings



Zombo's WRCT show is reaching epidemic proportions. It has been voted "Best Local Radio in Pittsburgh" by the City Paper. Who knew? The show is going further off the deep end with outlandish fake guests, unrelenting pschotic soapboxing prattle and yeah the most amazing music of the last 100 years.
In January, you better beware ole Z is proposing an all night musical free for all. Taking whatever time is open on Saturday nights and Sunday early morning: "The Zombo Afterhours Party" will plop onto the airwave. Keeping the station on till dawn (approx. 3am-7am) Zombo will go to depths of depravity unheard of on the airwaves.
and "Radio Free Zombo" will be in the works. Pre-recorded madness for the station to air whenever there is dead air.
Life on WBCQ remains swell. The show is getting placed in several varying slots on several differcnt shortwave frequencies. And you can hear some shows on www.complexvariablesstudio.com. on their streaming webcast and this is free , but mighty random.

Zombo in print??

You have to be joshing me? But alas, Z has infiltrated the print media at"City Paper", the primo weekly event and cool stuff magazine in Pittsburgh writing a column called "Bin There, Heard That" This a weekly feature where he combs through his crazy collection of kooky album found in thrift stores, Bargain Bins, etc., and writes like mad.

Check that out at .

If you have any weird old records
you like him to review, send them to his PO Box and stand back!

Rumor has it that it may be compiled and put into book form with a compact dics compilation. Too Cool!

Cool DJ news...
It seems that it ain't a monster shindig, if Zombo ain't djing it.

Not only will he be clocking in for SIX WILD WEEKENDS at Cedar Point in Ohio Sept 21-Oct 28th, but The Famous Monsters Convention (with bands and djing) as well.

I am the musical event coordinator at the Fright Vision Convention in Cleve/Pitt/Balt/etc., too...


Need a monster DJ for any reason, anywhere and anytime and Mr. Z. will come a'knockin'!

WBCQ (The Planet) in Monticello, Maine has picked up the show for worldwide syndication on their short-wave frequency of 7.415 on Saturday nights (between 10pm - 1am).

This is way cool, because the signal not only is sent around the world (with a listenership of 5 million folks), but is also beamed into outer space!!!
No fooling! They hear it on the space station and beyond! Also webcast on wbcq.com. These shows are professionally pre produced in a big shot studio.

Zounds what sounds!

Listen on the web and e-mail me...new and groovy stickers available! Click here to download a none-sticky version!

Zombo and Elvira at Cedar Point! Yah, Baby!

Cool Music for Your Cool Wedding Reception!
Yes, if you even thought about having an Elvis at your Wedding Chapel, then you need Zombo at your Wedding Reception. With a list of over 40,000 songs at his disposal you can’t go wrong. The music spans everything including 1920’s Hot Jazz, 30’s Swing, 40’s Jump Blues, 50’s Rockabilly, 60’s Surf and Rock, some 70’s Disco, even 80’s New Wave. It doesn’t stop there, Z has a fine collection of modern eclectic Rock, Lounge, Classic Jazz,
Classic Country and R & B. And, what he doesn’t have, he can get. Your Wedding Reception should be every bit as cool as you are and you should have it exactly as you want it. And here’s the best part. His Flat Fee Structure can’t be beat. No extra costs for Overtime, Setup, Travel or adding Ceremony Music!

The Pricing is Flat Fee of only $450 for the Pittsburgh and Northeastern Ohio area.

Rates for Other Cities? Just email me at [email protected] and we can make it happen. Plus, you know he will also do a fine job behind the microphone making sure your event runs smooth.

January 2006

Instant Portland Mayhem!!

What an amazing city Portland, Oregon has turned out to be! Only three weeks in town and I have a great Rockabilly, Surf, Garage and Bingo Night at a super cool venue called “Duff’s Garage” starting weekly on Mondays Feburary 6th at 8:30pm. Should be a real gasser.
Check www.duffsgarage.com
And I am now a member of a great Portland Rockabilly Party Band known as The Stood Ups! They have a killer disc out that Deke Dickerson produced and Devil Doll does guest vocals..I am the new bass guy and will quickly work my upright into band. Watch for gigs and tours soon..actually I already have a live show with them on 1/20 at The Ash Street Tavern in Portland. Check www.thestoodups.com for shows and stuff!
And, My old friend, Greg in San Francisco has contacted me to help him put on a huge annual Rockabilly, Surf and Garage Festival in San Fran on Memorial Day. The festival will be called the “San Francisco Shake Down”. Watch for details!
I also should have my second screen printing shop open here around March 2006.
Not bad for a few weeks in town..I got a funny feeling alot is going to happen here!!

At Winter's End...2004

Zombo will be putting on his monster music madness shows at the largest Sci-fi conventions around the country.

At Frightvision date to be determined, Zombo will be lugging in all his sickest fiends and bands to torture the unsuspecting convention goers... check the website for details.
King Dapper will be there no doubt...
in conjunction with the release of a new album/greatest hit CD. Yep, great old tracks and some mighty new ones will be completely redone in the studio to deliver the best Dapper album yet!

Titled "The Monster-rific Hits of The King Dapper Combo".

Wotta band!

Zombo's presence on the airwaves is reaching astronomical proportions!

His show on WRCT 88.3FM is receiving much attention and excitement. OK so I am redundant, but I needed something to go over the WRCT logo.....

Welcome To The Bottom of the Dial

Of course, you can check out the webcast at wrct.com and don't forget about getting a free bumper sticker, just by e-mailing ! And 3 color imprinted black T-shirts are now available. As well as past shows
On CDR, you can get either the early shows from WAPS, the later day (after the first five years)
Zombo's intial shows on his own spin off show "The Beyondo Mondo Record Party. Or his totally irresponsible trash from the last two years on WRCT. Each show is only $5 apiece. or something like that. Get you vintage Z here.