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November 2007

Hot Damn Tamale......

The Zombo DJ Explosion...

Tuesdays at the Smiling Moose on Carson St in The South Side (Pittsburgh,natch)........... 10pm Free!

Thursdays back at Kelly's on Penn Circle.. Gotta love that place...still one of the coolest spots in town. 9pm and Free.

Fridays back on WRCT-FM 88.3 (streaming at www.wrct.org) Zombo's Record Party! ...Now it's 5 freakin' hours long from 10am-3pm est. After almost 2 decades on the radio, it still is a blastaroonie!

..and DJing for Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, The Pittsburgh Roller Derby After Parties, as well as Zombo's Wedding DJ Service and often at The Zombo Gallery!

Need to contact me for a gig? 330-806-7813!





Zombo’s Mondo Record Airtimes are:
Live Broadcast on

....Fridays 2pm-4pm

Rebroadcasts Daily
Check octaneradio.com for current schedule

These times are ALL Eastern Time Zone



February 2006!

New DJ Night at Duff's Garage!

Free Swing Dance Lessons at 8pm

Wild Bingo at 9pm

Every Monday at 8pm, it's Hot Rockabilly, Cool Surf and Wild Garage Music...Plus Zombo's Strange and Cool goodies... and Bingo with nutty prizes and Scopitones, Old Movie Trailers and visual trash on the televisions! It's Free! Duff's is at SE 7th and Market in Portland (check www.duffsgarage) for more info...
And visit Zombo's Myspace @ www.myspace.com/djzombo



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I still am producing KFOOZ radio shows for the members of the Fraternal Order of Zombo. Join today and get a free monthly Zombo custom radio show delivered to your doorstep.
I may get into Podcasting..alot of friends are bugging me to do it..I am not sure how to go about it..if you have any interest in it and know how to go about doing it...email me..
Lastly, I am not sure when or if any of my radio shows are airing on shortwave radio (WBCQ in Maine). Sadly, the program director and good friend, Michael Ketter has had a tragic accident and is not longer able to operate the station.. I wish him and his wife Gina, all the best.



August 2005

The Summer and Fall Tour

Wow, Time really flys, it's that time again for Zombo to hit the road for his 12 week tour! Check the calender for specific times and dates...But in a nutshell, here's whats up:

August 5th & 6th-Zombo hosts and Dj's Hotrod A-Rama in Tacoma, WA.

August 7th-Zombo's BBQ with Deadbolt in Olympia, WA.

August 19th/20th-Zombo spins,hosts and plays with Pgh's garage gurus "Teen Riot" at the HULA HOTROD HOP IN COLUMBUS, OHIO!

Thrusdays from August 25th till October 28th- Zombo returns to Kelly's Bar in Pittsburgh to do his DJ thingy.

King Dapper Welcome Back Party at the Lime Spider on Sept 18th featuring Gonga!

King Dapper and DJ Zombo in for another year of Cedar Point's Halloweekends from Sept 25th till Oct 30th!!!!

Zombo running his Screen Printing Company at 3828 Cleveland Ave. in Canton Mondays-Thursdays 10-5pm (with Tshirt Party Nights on Weds at 8pm!)

More Cool Events Coming

Hello! 4/5/05 News of the Day! Off to Europe for the entire month of May

Yep, it is hard to believe, but we are off to spend time in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Transylvania and Poland on vacation. We should have some great photos to share with you when we return. I will be spending my birthday in Buddapest! Julie and I plan renting instruments and maybe doing a few gigs with our latest creation, "THE HOT CITY SINNERS".

Zombo Screen Press Company!
Oh yes, Z has set up shop with his hard working cronies to unveil the coolest and lowest priced professional silk screen business ever.. Located at 3832 Cleveland Ave in his hometown of Canton, Ohio. His sister Lola, pals Doug, Karen and Eric have transformed the space into a Willie Wonka style print production company to do your custom printed T-shirts, hats, mousepads, posters, anything! . Opening May 23rd 2004! Grand opening special.. the “You bring it.. We screen it sale”. Bring your own shirts (or whatever) and we will screen them for only $3 each (plus $15 screen setup cost). Call 330-575 -7775 for a quick quote...and our every day low pricing!


Yes check out pittsburghnetradio.com to get your weekly Zombo fix.. Check their website, They should run around the early afternoon andrerun late nights. Expect the most surreal insane radio yet! Now how can the shows get any more outrageous..the show is hosted by 2 Zombos...What? You heard right. Get this. Z is pulling out all his old shows.. about 10 years worth of his radio hijinx from Ohio as well as Pgh. And not only will they be rebroadcasted but they will be "heckled/enhanced" with the Zombo of Today. AND.. now the show is agressively looking for radio syndication...any help and suggestions are welcome!



Wednesdays were quite the Zombo day. His show that aired from 4-6 on 88.3 WRCT in Pittsburgh has been voted "BEST LOCAL RADIO' by The City Paper this Fall, so alot of folks are tuning into the one of a kind madness that makes listening to the radio a wild experience.
Here are some real quotes from listeners. These are honest to goodness real, mind you.
Greg: "I have experienced brain damage this summer listening to your show. I can only get the signal in my car and therefore cannot get out of it until the show is over. It has no airconditioning and it gets very hot in there.
Chris: "I got turned onto the show by some friends, but never I could make any of the live dj shows because of my job. I just got fired last week and the first thing I told my boss was that now I can see Zombo Record Party live!"
If you have a quote, email it to me and I will post it!

His show on WBCQ, is getting many random slots aside from his new slot on Saturday afternoons (check www.complexvariablesstudio.com for times). With all this insanity going on, he and program director, Michael Ketter are shopping the shows around for nationwide FM distribution. Viva

Internet Radio Zombo?
WBCQ's website now will be carrying the entire Zombo catalog of shows on their internet webcasts.
These will be in random rotation for awhile, then will be play on demand. You will then be able to hear any of my past shows when ever you want. WOW!

Airchecks of past Zombo Shows are now available for sale. Burned on to cdrs. These hour length programs document 10+ years of my radio shenanagans. Just specify a catagory number and I'll send you a good one. They are only $5
(two for $8) plus $2 postage.
The Popcult Record Party (same show original name)
Catagory #1...1991-2 on "Cool 92" (6 six shows)
Catagory #2...1993-5 on WAPS FM 91.3 (pretaped shows)
Zombo's Mondo Record Party
Catagory #3...1995-1999 on WAPS FM 91.3 (the live shows)
The Beyond Mondo Record Party
Catagory #4...1999 - This time period had a Cast of rotating Dj's that were my listeners that bought my air time and kept the show going. I did one or two programs a month solo.
Back to ZOMBO'S RECORD PARTY (2 hour shows)
Catagory #5...2000-present On WRCT 88.3 Pittsburgh
(Live completely over the top radio)
Zombo's Mondo Record Party (1 hour shows)
Catagory #6....2000-present On WBCQ The Planet 7.415 KHZ Worldwide shortwave. (Professionally engineered in the studio and being shortwave, there are no FCC regulation..so I get to play some pretty risque old records) Special!!! get the first 10 shows (10 hours on one MP3 cd for only $10!)
As you can see I have literally hundreds of radio shows, but if you even want to specify a genre (rockabilly, surf, jump blues, weird, etc)
or an era (20's-present) I will find a show that features what you request..Cool huh?


WBCQ The Planet 7.415 Khz Shortwave freq
The Following are the playlists for the 13 shows currently in rotation.
I am told this is a full season of programs.
New shows are on the air on thier other 3 Frequencies.
See www.complexvariablesstudio.com for details.
Note: Since the FCC does not regulate shortwave, I can play some unbelievable recordings!!!

2.Marty Robbins--Baby--------------Rockabilly Gold
3.Vince Taylor--Brand New Cadillac-Good As it Gets
4.The Fathoms----Pirahna----------------Fathomless
5.Heuevos Rancheros--Bo Diddlious--------Endsville
6.The Ultras---Death Tube--------------Surf,Sludge
7.Alfred E. Neuman Orchestra---It's A Gas-------45
8.The Instrumentals------Chop Suey Rock---------45
9.The Frantics------The Whip-------Las Vegas Grind
10.The Groovers------Groovy--------Las Vegas Grind
11.Cocktail 3-------------Korte Rock----Selftitled
12.Unknown--------------Calica--------Hava Negiala
13.Chin Chin Chu-------------------Doob Doob orama
14.Inna Minna Dika-----------------Doob Doob orama
15.Humpte Hote---------------------Doob Doob orama
16.Mrs. Miller-----Groovy Kind of Love--The Artist
17.Ukulele Orch of Great Britain-Arnachy in the UK
18.Uke Orchestra------Should I stay or should I go
19.Jack Costanza----Bongo Lesson----------------45
20.Kmart-------------Kmart Salad Bar Training Tape
21.The Rockateen-----------Woohoo---------------45

1.Bill Dell-----You Gotta Be Loose---Lookey Dookey
2.Bunker Hill---Girl Can't Dance-----Lookey Dookey
3.Little Willie John--Heartbreak-------Sure Things
4.Cile Turner--Crap Shootin'Sinner--Stompin Vol #1
5.Jimmy Witherspoon--Endless Sleep--Stompin Vol #1
6.Koas Killers------Human Jungle------BMovie Brain
7.Link Protrudi--The Stroll------------Self Titled
8.The Boys-------Cobra-------------Frolic Diner #1
9.Rod Kieth----Tahiti-----------------I Died Today
10.Rod Kieth---Hump Dance-------------I Died Today
11.MSR Singer---Ginseng Digger-------MSR Volume #3
12.MSR Singer---Yippie Hippie--------MSR Volume #3
13.Burt Keyes--Stop Jiving Start Driving--------45
14.Chuck Brooks---Spinner Hubcaps---------------45
15.The Meteors----Dig That Crazy Ford----Rare Rock
16.Arthur Godfrey--Love Ukulele Style--Uke Legends
17.Uke Benny---Uke Benny---------------Uke Legends
18.Uke Legend--Holiday for Ukuleles----Uke Legends
19.Hot Blood----Soul Dracula--------------------45
20.Soundtrack to The Creeping Terror----Soundtrack
21.MSR Singer------Disco Dancer------MSR Volume #4

SHOW #3 (Sex and...)
1.Jackie and John--Little Girl-----Las Vegas Grind
2.Mel Henke----All That Meat--------La Dolce Henke
3.Barb and Boys-Hooty Sapperticker-Las Vegas Grind
4.Barnie Kessel--Honey Rock--------Las Vegas Grind
5.Unknown----I Love Little Pussy-----from Listener
6.Sid King--Purr Kitty Purr----Columbia Rockabilly
7.Billy Joe Winghead-Kammaiwannalaya--Be Your Boss
8.Deke Dikerson---Poontang---------Million Sellers
9.Big Sandy--Oochie Kootchie---------------For You
10.Todd Rhodes--Rocket 69-------------Risque Blues
11.The Dominoes--Sixty Minute Man-----Risque Blues
12.The Treniers----Sister Lucy---------Mercury R&B
13.The Swallows--It ain't it Meat-----Risque Blues
14.The Gents------Take it Off------Las Vegas Grind
15.The Originals---The Whip--------Las Vegas Grind
16.The Groovers-----Groovy---------Las Vegas Grind
17.The Naughty One--Walkin' Blues--Dig your Voodoo
18.Screamin' Jay---Bite it------------X-rated Rock
19.Ultravox---------My Sex---------------Ultravox!
20.The Clovers---Derby Town-----------X-rated Rock
21.The Blenders--Don't Fuck Around----X-rated Rock
22.Unknown------Last Night------------From listner
23.Soundtrack from Naked Lady---Rape isn't is easy
24.Honor Blackman & Pat McNee--Kinky Boots------12

SHOW #4 (...and Drugs)
1.Wayne Hancock-----Viper-------------A-town Blues
2.Lalo Gonzalves----Marijuana Boogie--Jukebox jump
3.Cab Calloway---Kicking the Gong around--Grt Hits
4.Unknown-------Don't mess with LSD--from listener
5.Ray Condo----Hadicillin Boogie------Door to Door
6.Rodd Keith---Hippie Happy Family----I Died Today
7.MSR Singer---Yippie Hippie------------MSR Vol #4
8.Patsy Rae------Beatnik's Wish--Swing for a Crime
9.Fly-rite Boys----Booze Party---Big Sandy Present
10.Ace and Rager-----------Beer---------Let's Move
11.Centenals---Church Key------------Greatest Hits
12.Unknown----------Sloppy Drunk-------Mercury R&B
13.Don Lucas------Where's Flo---------Frolic Diner
14.Don Lucas again---Where's Flo again----F. Diner
15.Gordo----------Cocktails Darling---Frolic Diner
16.The Lushes-----Drunken Guitar---Las Vegas Grind
17.Carl Sonny Leland--Wine, Women, Song---I'm Wise
18.Wynonie Harris----Whiskey in The Well----Risque
19.The Thunderbirds-Thunderbird----Las Vegas Grind
20.Screamin' Jay------Aligator Wine----Cow Fingers
21.Unknown---------Nicotine----------from Listener
22.The Ultras--------Death Tube-------Surf, Sludge

SHOW # 5 (..and rock and roll) The Roots of Surf
1.The Astronauts------Miserlou----------------Hits
2.Dick Dale-----------Peter Gunn-------Surf Rumble
3.Davie Allen------Outer Surf---------Pulp Instros
4.The Markettes-----Surfer Stomp------Pulp Instros
5.The Impacts---------Wipe-out-------Greatest Hits
6.The Impacts--------Church Key------Greatest Hits
7.The Lively Ones----Hillbillie Surfer-----Surfing
8.Eddie and Showmen--Squad Car-----Legends of Surf
9.Eddie and Showmen--------Mr. Rebel-----Rare Surf
10.Centurians---------Bullwinkle PT2----Bullwinkle
11.Hal Blaine---Phantom Drive-----Dueces,Drums,etc
12.Hal Blaine---Challenger II-----Dueces,Drums,etc
13.The Lancasters----Earthshaker------Surf Instros
14.Link Wray---------------Rawhide----------Rumble
15.Link Wray--------Run Chicken Run---------Rumble
16.The Trashmen-----Surfin' Bird--------------Hits
17.Johnny Fortune----Wild Weekend--------Rare Surf
18.Johnny Fortune---Surf Rider-----------Rare Surf
19.The Pyramids-----Surfer Stomp------Pulp Instros
20.PJ and Galaxies-----Tally Ho--------Rare Surf 2
21.PJ and Galaxies-----Lanky bones-----Rare Surf 2
22.The Ventures-------Pipeline '64------------Hits
23.The Ventures-------Journey to Stars----In Space
24.The Ventures------Caravan---------Live in Japan

Show #6 Surf around the World!
1.Huevos Rancheros-----------Endsville----Endsvile
2.Huevos Rancheros------Latin Ranch------Endsville
3.Huevos Rancheros------Pass Ketchup-----Endsville
4.Huevos Rancheros-----Dig in------Girl from Niamo
5.Laika & Cosmonauts----Baja-----------Instruments
6.Laika & Cosmonauts--Do the Laika----Zero Gravity
7.Lalka & Cosmonauts--Hypnowheel-------Absurdistan
8.Laika & Cosmonauts--Lands End--------Absurdistan
9.Laika & Cosmonauts---Oahu Luau------Zero Gravity
10.The Oharas----Ghostland Exit-----Devil's Desert
11.The Oharas----Taste of Honey-----Devil's Desert
12.The Oharas---Shot in the Dark----Devil's Desert
13.Light Valley Shadows--Perfida-------Rapid River
14.Light Valley Shadows-Man on Mystery-Rapid River
15.Light Valley Shadows--Foottapper/Walk don't run
16.The Revelairs----third Star-----------------S/T
17.The Revelairs----third Man------------------S/T
18.Royal Fingers----Ace of Toyota------Elki Guitar
19.Space Cossacks-------Apes of Wrath---Int. Stomp
20.Space CossacksBittersweet Samba-Surfin Senorita
21.Stereophonic Space Sound Unt-------Lino Ventura
22.Phonocomb----Here come the Warm Jet---Fresh Gas

Show #7 Partytime
1.Let's Have a Party--Wanda Jackson--Greatest Hits
2.Rip it up-----Bill Haley------German Import Hits
3.Bop Cat Bop--Simon Crum-----Ain't I'm a Dog Comp
4.Can't Find Doorknob-Jim & Johnny--Rare Hillbilly
5.Open the Door Polka--Unknown-------From Listener
6.Whatchamacallit-Brahmin Bellhops--Jazzin Her Now
7.How High the Moon--Baker/Baldwin Washboards--S/t
8.Mucho Muchacha-------Esquivel----Latinesque
9.Bonanza Ska----Carl Malcolm--History of Ska
10.Baked a Pizza--Lou Monte-Songs for Pizza Lovers
11.Pizza Boy USA--Lou Monte-Songs for Pizza Lovers
12.One Mint Julep--Clovers---Clover's Party
13.One Mint Julep--PJ & Galaxies---Rare Surf
14.Husky---Jimmy Nichols----Highly Strung Comp.
15.Hawaiian War Chant--Spike Jones
16.Hawaiian War Chant--Halibuts--Life on Bottom
17.Tomi Tomi--Kanua and Lula--Novelties 1900-40
18.Surfin Hootenanny--Al Casey--Surfin' Hootenanny
19.The Wet Spot----Halibuts-------Chumming
20.Wreck a Party Rock--King Kurt--Last Will and...
21.Rockabilly Yodel--Roc La Rue---Rocking Henhouse
22.Cherokee Boogie--Johnny Horton--Bear Family
23.Continental Twist--Louie Prima-Twist with Louie

Show #8 The Bright-eyed Lovefest
1.Love,Love,Love--The Clovers----Down in the Alley
2.Have I the Right---The Honeycombs--S/t
3.I Like it--Gerry & Pacemakers-----Greatest Hits
4.Count me in--Gary Lewis----Capital Collection
5.Honeycomb--Jimmie Rodgers----Honeycomb
6.Heart---Rockpile--Seconds of Pleasure
7.Farmer John--Neatbeats--Mercural
8.Bittie Everything--Benny Joy--Crash the Party
9.Reet Petite---Jackie Wilson--Reet Petite
10.Memories are made of this--Dean Martin--Gt Hit
11.Secret Love--Slim Whitman---Greatest Hits
12.I remember You--Chet Baker--Let's get lost
13.It hurts to be in Love--Gene Pitney--Collection
14.You can be wrong about boys--Malley Page--Pye
15.Guiding Light-Colorblind James Ex-be your guide
16.Me Japanese Boy--Bobby Goldsboro--Collection
17.Almost Everything--Original Sins--Tab
18.Round and Round--Perry Como--Fab 50's Hits
19.Sweetest Girl in World--Scritti Politti-Songs
20.Suno Tu Meri Aasha--Aasha--Bollywood Soundtrack

Show #9 The Patrica-Thon!

Show #10 The Carvan-a-thon

Show#11 Outer Space Special
Show #12 Monster a go go show
Show #13 The Spoken Word special
Show #14 The Colorblind James Hour
Show #15 The Cliff Notes Movie Soundtrack Show
Show #16 Weird and Experimental Instruments showcase
Show #17 Raymond Scott vs. Spike Jones

I can help you locate most of the cds that I play on the show  

email me [email protected]