The 24-foot ceilings were quite a chore to tackle. They are covered with Tiki masks, paintings, nutty sconces, and even sheeting from a billboard (it’s the swinting baby eyes on the left side of the wall.
On the other wall is an original Derek Hess poster that he did for one of my
bands, the Surfaholics

The 3 tiki triangles by George Dey are astounding.


For your viewing pleasure lets take a look at Zombo's pad.....

Here’s a good shot of the zombopad. It is quite homey for as unusual as it looks. I have store front windows that bring in a wealth of sunlight and crazy street noise. I should begin recording some of it. As you can see lots of neat blinky lights and most of the walls are trimmed in white xmas lights


With any visit to my place, Tony is your official greeter. This guy is one amazing, handsome and well-behaved love machine. He’s my gal Julie’s cat. Taking a vacation from his mom and his pesky sister, Pepper pup. As of late, he practically lives on the sink. It may seem very cute, but having a cat butt in your face while you dine is a bit unsettling. when he is not on the sink, he’s on your lap.


Here’s a view of the kitchen back wall. One of Julie’s lush nightmare painting set above the microwave robot landscape. Note the cool Michael Graves kitchen stuff. The toaster’s main function, when not toasting is to
hold small works of art. Pop Art...get it? Oh I’m I stitch, ain’t I!


All the Pink Stuff in my place just seemed to funnel all into one place. Pink panther Black Velvet Painting, 60’s Pink Hairdryer (I’m too afraid to plug it in) Pink pole lamp and an extra wide pink vinyl chair. If that chair could talk...well I’d be
a millionaire, because inanimate object are incapable of speech...I guess....unless you’re nuts.


TIKI BAR! yeah! Basically a suped-up black mini bar. I love the tiki culture, but I refuse to pay $1,000 for a bar! Novelty glasses, pristine 50’s drinking glasses, a humble swizzle stick collection and a napkin holder chocked full of stolen Kahiki napkins. The latest addition is my drunken Injun bar utensil holder. How! Also a bit o’ zombo history, Zombo Coasters from three years ago.

A coaster from one of my defunct Zombo live Dj shows. Camel sunk in a nice chunk of dough on these. Dopes! All 9 regulars loved ‘em. I hope to resurrect this concept in Pittsburgh with hopefully greater rewards!

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