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Now the damn tiki glass collection.  Click on the pic for a larger version....

I guess I went too far here. I found this in Philly at a flea market. Some old guy had tools for sale and this was on a blanket up front.
$15 dollars later, it’s riding home with me. Do you know what the hell this is???? and why??? Please e-mail all guesses and facts to me.

The tour continues!


That Julie-gal o’ mine sure can paint! I hope to get some of them professional framed soon. Here’s my favorite and no I did not pose for it! She did this one over 5 years ago. She does not title or sign her work. Go figure. Wotta Gal!

All I can say, is that I am way too lucky. (right to left: Love o' my life, Julie,  Dog o' my life Pepper Pup)

Up in the right corner, an original by pop songstress and top-notch pal Marti
Jones. Neat shriner planters from brother Lou. And a collection of pinup candles (made by Julie and I ) and Hispanic religious candles that were found for about $1 each at the “Ghetto Eagle”, down the street.




It’s Giant Xmas Bunny Village! This just happened and grew into a year long
display. If you know me, Xmas is practically every day Hoppy x-mas bunny says, "thanks for stoppin' by...."Let’s see, we have a 6 foot rubber pine tree with amber lights, remnants of Olglebay Village’s Candy Village houses, poorly crafted and homemade, but ever so cool, light up village houses, cotton floss, a moon landing astronaut set and oh yeah a mechanical fez wearing 4 foot bunny! It’s next to my bed and makes a kooky nite lite.

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Pittsburgh, Pa 15224 
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