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Catch Zombo on the air or on the internet from Pittsburgh's WRCT. His shows (that sometimes feature an offbeat crew of his cronies) are well worth going out of your way for.  It is truly the most unique and unpredictable airwaves you have ever experience. 

Listen live or on the internet Monday from 8-10am.  Email me and get your free bumper sticker!

I will also be co-hosting Phantom Motel Thursdays, 1-3am.

Zombo joins the Syndicate!

You heard me right! I will be syndicated on WBCQ in Monticello, Maine (The Planet), a worldwide satellite short-wave station (FREQ 7.415).

They will now be getting my show Saturday nights (between 10pm and 1am) across the USA, South America, Europe, Armed Forces Radio and even in sections of Australia! They have roughly 5 million listeners and some of the
other DJs on staff with me are classic radio pirates from the 60's! Too cool!

Zombo Live In Your Town!

Whether you hear Zombo on the radio or at a club, party, or event, you can always count on a jarring, life changing experience. 

Live dj-ing? Zombo is the official monster dj at Cedar Point during their over the top Halloweekends in the Fall. 

He is also available (very reasonably) for weddings and parties...but only expect the usual unbridled "zomboness" at these shindigs...no cornpone weddings please...

When in Cleveland, Zombo will still stop by and run the show at the plush Spybar.

King Dapper Combo - 
a super neat junkabilly band that makes one think these folks are the "Happy Cramps"! real wild geetars! real harmonies!  real crazy tunes! and a real accordion! real cool!

Send Zombo An E-Mail !!
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Zomboco PO box 2707, North Canton, Ohio 44720


P.O. Box 90057
Pittsburgh, Pa 15224 
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