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Zombo in print??

You have to be joshing me? But alas, Z has infiltrated the print media at"City Paper", the primo weekly event and cool stuff magazine in Pittsburgh writing a column called "Bin There, Heard That" This a weekly feature where he combs through his crazy collection of kooky album found in thrift stores, Bargain Bins, etc., and writes like mad.

Check that out at www.steelcitymedia.com.

If you have any weird old records
you like him to review, send them to his PO Box and stand back!

Zombo (in his spare time) is also working for Get Hip Recordings, doing whatever needs to be done there. (Publicity, promotion, Sales and project development) Check out their website www.gethip.com for a real eyeful.

It seems that I am booking events into the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall on the Pitt campus...

It's a huge 2,300 seat auditorium, a 750 capacity Hall and a nice sized side room...

Cool DJ news...
It seems that it ain't a monster shindig, if Zombo ain't djing it.

Not only will he be clocking in for SIX WILD WEEKENDS at Cedar Point in Ohio Sept 21-Oct 28th, but The Famous Monsters Convention (with bands and djing) as well.

I am the musical event coordinator at the Fright Vision Convention in Cleve/Pitt/Balt/etc., too...

Need a monster DJ for any reason, anywhere and anytime and Mr. Z. will come a'knockin'!

Zombo's presence on the airwaves is reaching astronomical proportions!

His show on WRCT 88.3FM is receiving much attention and excitement.

Welcome To The Bottom of the Dial

The slot is now Weds 4-6pm. Of course, you can check out the webcast at wrct.org and don't forget about getting a free bumper sticker, just by e-mailing !

Check out the new section of this website that is coming soon. It will be...

"THE RADIO NEWS" Here you can see playlets, and schedule for special
shows and live stuff and even hear a 20-30 minute sample of the show.

But it just doesn't end there, kids.

WBCQ (The Planet) in Monticello, Maine has picked up the show for worldwide syndication on their short-wave frequency of 7.415 on Saturday nights (between 10pm - 1am).

This is way cool, because the signal not only is sent around the world (with a listenership of 5 million folks), but is also beamed into outer space!!!
No fooling! They hear it on the space station and beyond! Also webcast on wbcq.com. These shows are professionally pre produced in a big shot studio.

Zounds what sounds!

Listen on the web and e-mail me...new and groovy stickers available! Click here to download a none-sticky version!


And...this just in ...Watch for some major zomboness at the old amvet post #5 in East Liberty (another fine section of Pittsburgh)
The owner has brought me in, after my major fun and successful bingo-a-go-go! Watch for more bingo-a-go-go's too.

Watch for the monster rocking shows I will be booking in Pitt, Cleve and Detroit.

Also be on the look out for my Huge GEORGE ROMERO Tribute convention in Pitts early next year...should be astounding.

Zombo's Summer In Review

As the truly unbelievable summer of 2001 winds down, let's walk down short-term memory lane for a bit...

The zombo event calendar has been quite full with fun and a lot of these events soon to be repeated to help folks loose the winter blahs.

There was Bingo-a-go-go, a full-blown bingo hall rock concert. With free bingo, cool prizes cheap beer and some great bands. Evolution Control Committee, The punk rock Christmas band Mistletoe, and the debut of the Pittsburgh chapter of the Hillbilly Varmints (which featured "dueling theremins".

Rock and Roll Drive-in, was the ambitious multimedia marriage of B-movies and top notch bands. Thanks to NY's Irving Klaws, The Hi-frequecies and ZOWIE! The Soldiers and Sailors Hall will do this again, very soon and regularly.

The attendance and acceptance here in PGH is very rewarding.

In Indianapolis, Zombo DJ'ed the hard-core Rockabilly fan world and won them over. Even Levi Dexter, of the Rockats, dug his stuff and hung out and co-djed
with him. It was Rockabilly magic!

In Philadelphia, Z wowed 'em as the host and DJ of the Hotrod Hoe-down. The attendance was staggering.

Big Sandy and NINE other bands put on one hell of a show. Big Sandy, his guitarist Ashley Kingman and Drummer (and fellow DJ) Bobby Trimble all complimented his unusual style of DJing.

Bobby said we could quote him -"This guy is easily one of the best rockabilly DJs I have ever heard!" Can you feel Z blush!

Sure Zombo does a lot of stuff, but deep down, he's is just a humble goofball.

And Coming This Fall....

Zombo will be into a six week gig Zombo and Elvira at Cedar Point! Yah, Baby!
beginning Sept 21) at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio to DJ his immense collection of monster music on top of their haunted house for their seven foot dancing monsters throughout the holiday season.

Way cool, Zombo's work with Pgh's event moguls "Ground Zero" shows no boundaries for his ideas.

Watch for Not only a return of Bingo-a-go-go and R and R drive in, but also "New Wave Cabaret" a show case of local bands performing classic 80's tuneage! He may even throw a band together to playa few numbers (definitely a Devo tune in the mix).

"Rock and Roll Flea Market!"An indoor flea market with a twist (literally). Bands will play as people shop from local vendor tables!

"Town and Country Karaoke", will be his foray into that dark side of entertainment. Only ratpack and cool 50/60's country tunes will be tolerated. Participants will be encourage to dress up for this one. Finally, karaoke with class!

Weekly music festivals, Record swap/DJ parties, B-movie matinees, and maybe a cable access show and a fake convention (the sci-fi scam con). Keep tuned for the latest from this indefatigable maniac's parade of mayhem that will entertain, enlighten or anger the general public!

And his sixth annual "Rockabilly Holiday" His full-tilt roots rock Christmas concert/party that has consistently made $$$ for the needy around the holiday.

Watch for one in Cleveland as well as one on his home ground in Pittsburgh.

At Winter's End...

Zombo will be putting on his monster music madness shows at the largest Sci-fi conventions around the country.

At Frightvision April 6,7, and 8th
The Ubangi's, King Dapper Combo and Gein and the Graverobbers, plus Zombo's "scary-okey" will wreck musically havoc, check the website for details.

Also the Famous Monsters convention and others to come..
King Dapper will be there no doubt

And speaking of the unstoppable dappers:

On the King Dapper front...

They will be on Fox 8 Cleveland Halloween Morning (7am-8am) on the morning show doing their monster thing and later that night.. a big kid's party at
the Ellet Library in Akron.

In March, they will be playing a huge Halloween industry party in Chicago
in conjunction with the release of a new album/greatest hit CD. Yep, great old tracks and some mighty new ones will be completely redone in the studio to deliver
the best Dapper album yet!

Tentatively titled "The Monster-rific Hits of The King Dapper Combo".

Wotta band!

Whew! Over and out from Z-world!

P.O. Box 90057
Pittsburgh, Pa 15224 
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