The Zombot 64 is here! Are you having an event or party and would love to have Dj Zombo as part of the festivities but A) Zombo is booked on your day or B) He just doesn't fit into your tight budget restraints. Well, no worries now because thanks to RADU Robotics, here comes the ZOMBOT 64. It's the world's first fully automated DJ Robot!

For a mere $100, one of our trained technicians can deliver the Zombot 64 to your event locale and have him ready to play that way cool sound from way out that DJ Zombo spins. He can be programmed for an evening of cocktail music, dancing (specify genre) or random coolness. The choice is yours. He also will have some limited MC abilities as well.


How does he work? Press a button and 100 percent Zombo comes booming out of our complementary 80 watt sound system that is pretested and ready to rock. He can also be patched into larger systems for bigger events. The 80 watt standard system is perfect for home or small to medium size venues. And one of our staff will pick him up the next day. The best yet is that ZOMBOT 64 comes on wheels for easy transportation.

The Zombot 64 has been specifically programmed by Zombo himself to ignore all musical requests...just like a real DJ!

Drop a line to [email protected] and be the first on your block to have a party or event with the world's only Robot Disc Jockey!





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